executive committee

co-managing directors

Zachary Dresser was born and raised in West Newbury, Massachusetts and is a Junior pursuing a major in Finance and a minor in Social Justice Leadership. With strong, professional role models growing up, Dresser aspired to be involved in Finance at a very young age. He has worked at EBSCO Information Services for two years in both the Accounting and Customer Success departments. He looks forward to seeing the continued growth of his real-world business skills in the Rines Angel Fund.

Andrew Ware, from Manasquan, New Jersey, is pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Philosophy. His interests range from travel to outdoor activities to the implications of future technologies. He spent summer 2017 at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge researching the potential application of artificial intelligence to the issue of resource scarcity. Andrew plans to follow a path leading to a career at the nexus of economics, technology, and philosophy, and plans to attend law school. He joined the Rines Angel Fund because he wanted to engage in interdisciplinary discussion regarding innovative business ideas and is interested in exploring venture capital funds and angel investing.

ec members

Kathryn or Kate Aiken (Director of Marketing and Membership) is interested in places where progressive business practices inspire change. A Manchester, NH native, she is the longest sitting member of the Rines Angel Fund and will graduate in 2019. After starting in the fund her first year in college as a Business Administration student, Aiken continues as the Director of Marketing and Membership while working for Hitchcock Management utilizing similar skills. Aiken joined the Rines Angel Fund after her experience founding her non-profit needed to be bolstered with for-profit business analysis.

TJ Evarts (Director of New Initiatives) is a Chemical Engineering student at the University of New Hampshire. TJ is currently CEO of SMARTwheel Inc., a tech startup company he founded in 2014 to bring his invention, SMARTwheel, to market. SMARTwheel is the first intelligent steering wheel cover that helps prevent distracted driving and has received international media attention and recognition. SMARTwheel has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, BBC, MSNBC, and the Today Show. TJ has always been an inventor, filing his first provisional patent application with the USPTO in 2006 when he was 11, and filing three more provisional applications for new inventions through 2009. His utility patent for SMARTwheel was issued in 2013 when he was only 18. TJ is very passionate about technology and entrepreneurship and has hosted, spoken, and exhibited at many STEM and entrepreneurship events across the country.  He joined the Rines Angel Fund to learn about, and better understand, the Angel investment process from the other side of the table.

Devin McMahon (Director of Business Development) is a member of the Class of 2019 of the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with an option in Marketing and a minor in Political Science. Originally from East Hampstead, NH, and with a history of social entrepreneurship, McMahon is excited to be delving further into the NH and greater New England entrepreneurial ecosystem as a member of the Rines Angel Fund. Through her position as Director of Business Development, she looks forward to growing the reputation and involvement of the Fund within the New England area.


Sean Hickey is a junior from Milton, Massachusetts and is pursuing a degree in Business Administration focusing in Accounting. He values the aspects of community and inclusion. Sean was a First-Year Orientation Leader and a Senior Staff Member for the orientation program where he embraced the role of sharing the University’s academic and social expectations. He was also a Senior Counselor at Camp Shriver, which is a sports inclusion camp that consists of children from low-income families and children that have special needs. This year he is a Peer Advisor in the Paul College FIRE Program, a Lead Staff Member in the Granite Square Station, and a TA for Financial Accounting. Next summer, Sean has accepted an offer to Intern at PwC in their assurance group.

Michael “Dalton” Kaichen is a junior at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. He was raised in Milton, NH and currently lives in Effingham, NH. He is a supervisor at the United Parcel Service (UPS), majoring in Business Management. Dalton plans to become a career manager for UPS in either the human resource or operations fields. He joined the Rines Angel Fund for his interest in entrepreneurship and operations, hoping that meeting successful entrepreneurs will teach him more about business leadership.

Jennifer Lueke is a junior in Paul College at UNH pursuing a degree in Business Administration with options in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. She is originally from Danvers, Massachusetts and has come to love Paul College and all UNH has to offer. She is beginning her second year in the Fund and is now a Principal. Seeing Rines as a step towards her future career goals in the entrepreneurial and private equity space, she values learning more about early stage investments and analysis of launching companies. She is also involved in Alpha Kappa Psi, the professional business fraternity, and interned at a global brokerage firm in Boston this past summer.

Brennan Ross is a senior from Hampton, New Hampshire. He is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with an option in Finance. Being surrounded by entrepreneurs and business executives for much of his life, he has always pursued opportunities within the business world. In 2015, Brennan started his own real estate development company specializing in mixed-use and office space. He joined the Rines Angel Fund to gain first-hand experience with valuation and the due diligence process.

Nicholas Stuart is a sophomore from Bow, NH. He plans to pursue a major in Business Administration with a dual focus in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. He has a deep interest in new technologies and their future applications. During his first year at UNH, Nick formed lasting connections with peers and business professionals by pledging the professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. He enjoys listening to various speakers and seminars on campus. Nick spent his summer interning at Minim, a New Hampshire tech startup with a goal of securing IoT devices and increasing customer satisfaction for internet service providers. This year, he plans to become a University Innovation Fellow and use creative thinking to promote positive change on campus with his peers. Nick joined the Rines Angel Fund to learn more about what it takes to turn a creative idea into a profitable and socially conscious business.


second-year associates

Keelan McCoole is a Senior from Bedford, NH. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a dual focus in Entrepreneurial Studies and Information Systems. His most recent internship was at BAE Systems, Empower division, assisting with database creation for new idea submission, evaluation, and maturation. He joined the Rines Angel Fund to learn more about real-world investing as well as the startup process for new businesses.

Peter White is a third-year student from Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Majoring in Economics, he has an interest in investigating macroeconomic issues and analyzing trends. Most recently, Peter interned at a hedge fund and is pursuing a career in investment banking. The motivation to initially join Rines was rooted in Peter’s desire to gain a stronger understanding of the early-stage start-up environment and investment process among angel investor groups.

first-year associates

Rebecca Bailey is a junior from Brunswick, Maine. She is majoring in Business Administration with options in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies. This past summer, she worked for ALKU as a marketing intern and learned to effectively analyze market research to better the company. She hopes to continue analyzing markets through the Rines Fund and aspires to pursue her own business venture focused on sustainability.

Samantha Carlen is a sophomore from Amherst, New Hampshire pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She is currently exploring different career options in multiple disciplines, but is leaning toward a career in marketing where she can utilize her creativity and outgoing personality to grow a brand. Samantha grew up watching Shark Tank and being fascinated by the process by which new ideas and innovations are brought to fruition. This led to her interest in joining the Rines Angel Fund, where she is thrilled to be working alongside so many motivated and like-minded individuals to make an impact on the start-up culture of New Hampshire and the Northeast.

Trevor Deane is a sophomore from Nashua, New Hampshire. He is pursuing a degree in Economics and plans to declare a minor in Political Science. Trevor is a passionate and energetic individual who is driven by his deeper interests in technology, business, newly forming markets, cutting edge economic ideas, politics, history, and human behavior. In joining the Fund, Trevor seeks to apply his energy into gaining perspective on what takes good start-ups to the next level. Trevor is seeking a career path that can be both intellectually challenging and equally rewarding. He is also interested in music, as he plays clarinet, piano, and alto saxophone. Trevor is currently producing his first rap album, and is incredibly excited to be a new member of the Fund.

Patrick Doyle is a junior transfer student at University of New Hampshire majoring in Business Administration: Information Systems & Business Analytics and minoring in Computer Science. Upon completion of his first year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he started working at an IoT transportation startup in Boston, MA—LinkeDrive Inc. He has over 3 years of experience working in B2B business operations through a variety of different channels in the business, including client services, management, and sales. He hopes to learn more about startup funding and business analysis through the Rines Angel Fund.

Travis Hurley is a Sophomore Business Administration student from Hampton, NH. He is seeking a dual concentration in Marketing and Management in order to pursue an eventual career in a managerial role in a firm’s marketing division. Travis joined the Rines Angel Fund because of his interest in angel investing, venture capitalism, and entrepreneurship. Someday he hopes to become a professional venture capitalist to help grow the businesses of tomorrow.  

Ibrahim Imtiaz is a junior from Peshawar, Pakistan. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with options in Accounting and Finance. Prior to starting a career in the business field, Ibrahim studied Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery from Peshawar Medical College in Pakistan. During his time in the medical field, he has assisted surgeons in minor surgeries and completed an elective course with an Ophthalmologist. Additionally, he has worked with the WHO and UNICEF in a polio eradication program in the province of KP, Pakistan. Ibrahim grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs and business executives, and has always pursued opportunities within the business world. Having completed internships at local banks in Pakistan, Ibrahim also imported exclusive cars from Japan. He later decided that the business field was what appealed to him most, and he started his career here at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. He joined the Rines Angel Fund to get a first-hand experience with things such as investment decision-making processes. He wants to gain practical experience on the theoretical knowledge he has acquired so far.


Arsalan Ahmed Khan is from Karachi, Pakistan. He is a junior pursuing a major in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. In the future, he is interested in establishing his own marketing firm. Arsalan is an active member of the Entrepreneurship club, where he holds the position of Director of Finance. This past spring, he also participated in UNH’s Leadership Camp, where he polished his leadership skills. He joined The Rines Angel Fund to learn the art of venture capital investing by firsthand experience.

Jessica Lavallee is from Keene, NH and is currently in her third year at UNH. Jessica is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Information Systems. Jessica worked as a Claims Intern at Liberty Mutual during Summer 2017 and works as a Technical Support Engineer at LinkeDrive, a Boston tech start-up. Jessica’s next opportunity will be participating in Liberty Mutual’s Analyst Development Program Internship in Boston during summer 2018. Jessica plans to continue gaining invaluable professional experience from her coursework, internships, and as a member of the Fund. Jessica is looking forward to learning more about early stage investments and the research and analytics that support angel investment decisions.

Amanda Lee is a sophomore from Bedford, New Hampshire. She is pursuing a major in Business Administration and a minor in Psychology. She is interested in further exploring how an initial idea can dictate the success or failure of a business depending on various factors. Amanda joined the Rines Angel Fund to learn more about startups and which of those factors lead investors to see potential for a successful business.

Chris Leondires is currently a Junior expected to graduate in 2019. He is from Atkinson, New Hampshire and is studying Accounting and Finance. Most recently, he held an internship at Putnam Investments and has career aspirations of becoming a CPA or Financial Analyst. Chris was attracted to the Rines Angel Fund due to the unmatched real world experience it offers, and the opportunity if presents to be involved in important business decisions.

Francesca Molinari is a junior from Queensbury, NY. She is pursuing a major in Information Systems and Business Analytics, as well as Spanish, and is minoring in Information Technology and International Affairs. Francesca loves cultural immersion, and since returning from studying abroad in Costa Rica she has worked on campus at the Center for International Education and Global Engagement. Additionally, she maintains an internship throughout the school year, works in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, and is the Public Relations Chair for the Campus Activities Board. She joined the Rines Angel Fund because she is interested in gaining unique business experience. She wanted an opportunity to enhance her skills and learn more about investing, and thinks that the Rines Angel Fund is the perfect way to do so.

Matthew Norman is a senior from Exeter, NH pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with options in Accounting and Finance. He returned to Fidelity Investments in summer 2017 to complete his second internship with its Personal Investing team. Matthew aspires to get his Master of Science in Accounting and become a CPA, with a shift to a finance role later in life. He started a successful landscaping company in Maine with his brother that ran for 10 years and annually serviced 15-20 clients. Matthew joined the Rines Angel Fund for the quality, hands-on, and real-world experience that cannot be found in a classroom. He hopes to increase his understanding of the start-up investment process and to be exposed to new companies with fresh and innovative ideas.

Michael Simpson is from Hatfield, PA. He is a senior Economics major and Math minor interested in working with the equity and debt markets upon graduation. This past summer he had an internship as a trading operations analyst at Susquehanna International Group, where he will continue full time after graduation. He joined Rines to explore the world of Venture Capital and see if it would be a possible career path for him. As a first-year associate, Michael hopes to bring his knowledge from working with the debt and equity markets into the Fund.

Colin Small is a sophomore in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. He is studying Computer Science and Pre-Med after switching from Mechanical Engineering after his freshman year. Colin is from Los Altos, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. He most recently interned at an aerospace startup, Astro Digital, as a mechanical engineering intern. Previously he interned at an electric bike startup, also as an engineering intern. Colin is eager to gain firsthand experience in venture capitalism and angel investing that is so relevant in Silicon Valley today.

Dylan Wheeler is a sophomore Hamel Scholar from Bow, New Hampshire, and is an Information Technology student with pursuits in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. He started Triumph Software LLC his freshman year and launched a professional development logging tool, Loggit. To date, Loggit serves over four hundred faculty and staff members across New Hampshire and has tracked nearly four thousand hours of professional development. Since coming to college, Dylan has embraced entrepreneurship and has continued developing software to solve problems. He looks forward to using his background in technology to help the Rines Angel Fund make intelligent investments in tech startups as well as continuing to learn what to look for in successful businesses.

Jameson Whiteley is a senior from Stratham, NH. Here at UNH, he is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. This past summer Jameson had an internship with a financial services and technology company headquartered in Boston, and is continuing his work for them in a part-time role during the academic year. Jameson hopes to pursue a career in the field of financial analysis or consulting after graduation. He joined the Rines Angel Fund because he has an interest in learning more about private equity and acquiring real-world experience in investing prior to graduation.

Rachel Yee is currently a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, and is hoping to minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. She is originally from Brewster, New York. Rachel hopes to pursue a career within the growing Biotechnology field. As the daughter of an artist and business owner, Rachel grew up with the notion that creativity and leadership are key in finding success. Her most recent internship was with Christian Louboutin in New York City. Although deviant from her major, she gained experience within a large and prestigious company. Rachel joined the Fund in hopes to not only give knowledge, but to gain knowledge from her like-minded and prosperous peers about topics such as private equity.